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Here is an interview with Golden Girl #29 Olivia Zugai.


Here is an interview with Alicia Dennie and Brooke Wyatt, 2017 Silver twins:

Silver Twins Brooke And Alicia from james wallace on Vimeo.



The following interview is with Celine and Natasha, both freshman saxophone players, who discuss their first semester experience

in the marching band. If you are an incoming freshman, this is a "must watch" video.




Here is an interview with three four year members of the band on the day of their last rehearsal.



Here is a interview video I did with Evan Roe and Paul Thieme wherein they discuss the many responsibilities of operations and it's critical function with the marching band.



Here are three videos from freshmen talking about their experience with the AAMB after about one month

Kailani Natalie & Kelsey from james wallace on Vimeo.



Here Tom Russell talks about his experience with the Madison Scouts and their DCI performances this past summer.


Meet Oliva Zugai and Katie Schleis, 2016 Silver Twins


Here is a video of Morgan Redeman, twirler in the "All American Twirling Line"




The purpose of the following interviews is to for visitors to this site to hear first hand from current members of the band what their experience has been. This might be particularly helpful for a high school student who is enrolling at Purdue and is considering marching in the band. All of these students are members of the band. Plus, you'll find comments from staff members as well.

Here how three freshmen AAMB members feel about their experience in the AAMB this year.

Learn about their expectations, fears, joy, etc.

The three are Emily Cottle, Alita Miller and Kemmy Mizinga



Meet two members of the BBD crew. And, learn something I'll bet you didn't know!

Meet Rachel and Lilly Steiner


Meet Piccolo Section leader Katie McShane, then Big Ten Flags section leader Hillary Eup, freshman trumpet player Patrick Stratton followed by drum major Kassandra Moore then by Emily Davelis, junior tuba player, then trombonists Becky Steele, a sophomore and Junior Andrew Doyle.











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