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Updated 12/10/15

What you see on this site is about 25% of the photos I take during the season. If you would like copies of all my photos, you can send me

an external hard drive and I will transfer them. I'll need to know if you want game days only, or include also the variious rehearsals each week.

Please send me an email: and I will give you my mailing address.

The external drive must have unused capacity of 250GB.

One note of caution: I have 42,286 photos. That might take you awhile to work through if you want them all.

Some new photos from the IU game



Here are three videos of seniors conducting the band


Photos from the IU game.



Two new videos from the Halloween show at the Nebraska game

These video were taken by two members of the Golden Silks, Kendall Gatewood and Katie Bolte


First, watch this sequence as two members of the golden silks exchange their flags.


Photos from Friday

the next areas are left blank. Had a lot of focus problems due

to the thick overcast.



Photos from Wednesday and Thursday



Photos from Saturday.













































































































































































































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