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Updated August 22, 2014


Some videos from Friday, followed by photos.





Some photos from Friday. BTW, it rained in the morning, and became unbearably hot and humid in the afternoon.






Here is a video of the band arriving at Hull Field on Thursday 8/21

Some photos from Thursday follow the video.



Photos from Thursday

Who would ever thought that quite by accident, two young ladies would purchase the same exact shoe? And that they are in the same section??





I have a lot of material not yet published that I've obtained this week. That includes introductory videos of the silks and the twirling line.

Look for those to be posted Sunday, and/or next week.

Here are some photos from Wednesday





These next three videos will give you a good idea of the drills the students work on at band camp.


So, the golduster dance team has some pretty colorful shoes. Here, however, the piccolos seem to hold their own. What do you think?

Some photos from Tuesday


Some photos from Tuesday.


A video from Monday


A video from Monday


For new visitors here, I'm always featuring color full shoes. No reason. Just started accidentally somehow.

So, the current section leader for colorful shoes is: The Goldusters dance team. Like them?





















































































































































































































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