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Updated October 29 2014

As you've already read, there hasn't been much of a chance to take quality photos recently. Here are a few I was able to take while the band

was on stage at the Elliott Hall of Music during their recording session. I have a couple of videos also.

NEBRASKA: I will be journying with the pepband that is traveling to the Nebraska game. That means two 10 hour bus rides. I really hope

to be able to work on this site, upload photos and videos to help break the boredom, so you might want to check back here Friday and Sunday

to see what I was ablet o accomlish.

INTERVIEWS: I've added a new link to the left and in the past few days, have recorded several student interviews that I think you will find interesting.

A message to AAMB members: I'd love to include others, if you have interest, plese let me know.

Here is a sample of the many photos I have from Thursday's Halloween rehearsal. I'll be posting more over the upcoming days.

I have videos also.



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