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Updated September 1 , 2015

AAMB members: In a perfect world, I've always wanted to place a photo of each member of the band each day with a short BIO on each person;

you know, where they grew up, their major, year in school, etc., etc. There are about 90 days left before I return to California, so I could

feature someone new everyday. Even beyond that if there was sufficient interest. If this idea sounds good to you, all I need is a photo (perhaps

one found on bandfan?) and some quick info on you. We all know that members of the AAMB don't come close to knowing everyone in the AAMB. What a

perfect way for you to meet other members of your ensemble. But, it's up to you, your level of interest and the time to do so. I'm open to your

thoughts on this, may they be positive or negative.

Wanted to remind all the parents that there is a facebook group called "parents of Purdue band and orchestra members" page.

If you are into facebook, I recommend that you send a request to join the closed group.

Here is a video of the band departing Elliott Hall of Music Today

I think, so far this year, That Devon Lilly should get the "expressions" award for the year.

Here she is. What do you think??

A few from today



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This is a video I just can't seem to watch enough times. Here the band performs at the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade in New York City




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