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Updated October 6, 2015

Monday is a different day, normally, at rehearsal. Instruments are put down, and the band starts with chart 1, then goes to their position on the field.

Then, chart 2, chart 3 and so on. Then they figure out how to get from Chart 1 to Chart 2, etc., etc. Later, they will put music to the motion.

In the meantime, the Golduster dance team and the twirlers meet at the Lambert Field house to work on their chorography. Here are two

videos that will help you understand what happens on Monday. Photos from Tuesday's rehearsal are inside.


This first video was not posted, as it should have been. I instead posted one similar, but quite different. Heres the Dusters and Twirleres

practice on Monday at Lambert Field House. Watch until the end to see the banter about a t shirt and fun conversation. with Golden Girl

Alexa Phillips and Girl in Black Jordan Foster.


Here are the senior Piccolos.










now these are coooooolllllll


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