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News of the Day

I am so far behind in fulfilling photo requests that it is going to take some time for me to catch up.

Some requests are now a month old. If something is urgent for any reason, please re-send the request and I'll

put it at the top of the list. Otherwise, I will be caught up eventually, but it might be December when I'm back home

in California. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Don't let this fact deter you from additional requests. I

have all winter to catch up.

Updated October 20, 2014

A short sample of the photos you'll find inside (see button at bottom of this page).

Photos from Monday

First off, today was Ryan's 21st Birthday






And at least for today (I'm not starting a trend) the socks of the day



enter here


This is a video I just can't seem to watch enough times. Here the band performs at the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade in New York City




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