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Everyone is off for the summer, and most likely, you won't see too many new posts here until band camp.


The official site of Purdue Bands is located here: Purdue Bands Official Site.


Since 1919 the Purdue  "All American" Marching Band has performed at the Indy 500

This year was no exception. What follows here, and on the home page, are some photos/videos from those activities.

First, here is a video of Jay. Bet you didn't know professor Gephart could twirl a baton, and catch it.

He even can toss it correctly to Golden Girl Alexa Phillips.

Here is a video demonstrating just that.

Well, truth be known, they were just having some fun while waiting for the start of the Indy 500 parade on Saturday, May 24, 2014.


In this video the band passes by me as I stand in the center and hope a Tuba doesn't run into me.


This video is the band arriving at the start/finish line on the race track.



A couple of special photos. More inside.





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This is a video I just can't seem to watch enough times. Here the band performs at the Thanksgiving day parade in New York City


















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